Monday, April 29, 2013


It's funny how people laugh at us when we pour our sentiments in an ill-mannered way.
They arrive to conclusions that we are totally wrecked. What they don't understand is it's all part of being in a relationship. I don't understand why they are too eager to destroy people. I hate them but I pity them as well. I pity their disability to love and having no chance to be loved truly.  'Coz if they do have been in love, why can't they accept the hard fact that they're not part of the story? A villain, yes. But a villain is always be  defeated.
To you, saying your name here will only ruin my post, but anyway,
I'm sorry to break this up to you..YOU WILL NEVER WIN.

I suggest you should consult your doctor often and have proper medication 'coz I seriously don't think you are well.