Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~random wishing~

..Just now i am thinking if you are lucky enough of having me in your life. You are miles away and yet you find a reason making my day extra special. You always prove your love in every possible way you can. A thing that I can never do now in your lonely times. I don't know how to make you feel loved right now. I hate to see you hurting and carrying a burden I can't even share with. I hate to hear you crying and I can't do nothing to take away them all from your heart. Every time you lose hope, the pain occupies me inside. For I seem to be worthless not giving you the strenght you needed from the start...I don't know what's happening with me. I wanted to comfort you every minute and just hold you you will just feel the beating of my heart and will forget everything the cruel world is giving you. I love it when you put your head on my shoulder and search for my hand. In silence we can understand the unspoken cries, just a tight hold in the hand, i can make you feel safe and smile.

..Few more months before I'll see your face again. More sleepless nights to come, wondering if you're still alright. I want you to be stronger inside so you can defend yourself from those people who will try to pull you down. I want to see you as a fighter so you can just laugh all the troubles out. I don't want you to be so dependent on me for I may crush your heart without knowing. I want you to be find the courage to stand for what is right and ignore the influence of others' thinking..

..Please do realize that all lies within you, it's not in me. Fight back and prove them wrong. Fight for yourself and not for anyone else. It is your battle, I'm just here to hold your back so you won't fall.

..And most of all, never say you have nothing still own me..i am still yours.