Sunday, December 26, 2010


Dear Hon,

I may say the same words again and again everyday.
I may tell you the same sweetest lines every minute.
I may even say the same things the past used to give you.
You may hear my same serenade each time.
I may not be original.
I may not be the charmest of all.

I may not be the best kisser.
I may not be the sweetest one you adore.
I may not have all the riches others offer.
I may not be kindest and most patient ever.

I am just me.

The one who'll lift you up when you're the saddest.
The one who'll pick the guitar and sing your song.
The one who'll do the craziest just to hear you laugh.
The one who'll be mad when you miss your meals.
The one who'll make friends with those closest to you.
The one who'll tell you to stop crying
'coz tears can't be recycled.
The one who'll dream of you even not sleeping.
The one who won't promise but will stay to see you smile.

It's just me.

A once stranger.

A once friend.

Just me.

Every second thanking the heavens for making me believe in love again..
Because you came.

I love you.



  1. Ordinary Gal said...
    ohh wonderful Bean.. :)

    I am happy to see you here after a long time again :D
    Rml said...
    Aw honey. You ARE the sweetest.
    Anonymous said...
    hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! who is she??????? the lucky gal?!
    Simple Sie said...
    speechless :)*wink*
    beanizer_05 said...
    yeah, i miss this site..see what love can brought me here again :)

    yeah, the sweetest..even the doc says that when i came out of this world..hehe!

    it's her! yeah! her! her! :P

    @ms. sie:
    speechless but why??..i know! you ate my lollies! gimme back my lollies so you can talk *blink blink*
    Anonymous said...
    her? who?
    Jill Wellington said...
    I're the sweetest! How can SHE possibly resist all that you are???
    beanizer_05 said...
    oh! you forgot her again! think! think!

    @ms. jill:
    this is the effect of my lollies and chocos..did you wrap me for New Year?
    Anonymous said...
    your only love?! oh thatz great!!!!!! :D
    Simple Sie said...
    speechless again :)...

    yup look all of them are saying who is the lucky gal?*wink*...I guess SHE is not lucky she is so blessed to have you in HER life now.

    May you both find true love and happiness in each other's arms when the right time comes...

    give my hugs and kisses to her *blink blink*
    Anonymous said...
    don't make my friend cry or else beanizer I'll hunt you and make you my punching bag---Gracey
    Jolly Princess said...
    Wishing you both ALL the BEST this 2011! I am happy for the you. :)
    Nandita said...
    wow beany..! i too agree...she IS lucky...wish u all da happines.. :)
    vijaya said...
    best wishes beanizer.
    David Scott said...
    No person is created perfect Beanie but someone can be perfect because of love.

    Love changes everything.With love even the worst character can change everything changes and blooms because of love.

    You can only have happiness if you can express it now till forever.With love there are no delays there are no plans and no reasons for those delays in loving someone it is always now Beanie.

    Soul mates a perfect match I should say and she is heaven sent for you.There are no reasons if you love somebody from the heart it just says go and now.
    YAM said...
    still the same you.

    sweet :)
    YAM said...
    wait wait. Can I meet her?

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