Friday, January 8, 2010

--learning now--

~let me share the following lines i've written way back in high school..pardon the elementary..not so good playing with syllables, this is entitled..


here i am in desperate destiny
asking myself why you leave me in misery
it is easy to forget- as they always say
yet it's hard not to hate it even just for a day

goodbye is the last word that came from your mouth
your reasons of departing often leave me in doubts
i'm not anymore a martyr who'll long to love you with all my might
but a stone-hearted lover who'll continue and learn how to fight

i was an idiot on the day we first met
never noticed you treat me like a real pet
and i keep on acting like evrything's all right
even though i can feel you holding me so tight

i cant't yell at you when i see your warmest smile
i can't tell myself the truth but only a lie
leaving you is a word i can't even tell
for being you is like a heaven in a hell!

~when i made this piece, i dedicated this to no one, i was not hurt or broken in those times (honestly),, but now, i think i can relate to my own writing~


  1. wytwitch said...
    wow, that was nice! knowing the fact dat u were young dat tym..seems like u already knew u wil be hurt, tsk tsk senti kc ke bata bata! hehe..but, im glad u'r learning now.. ^_^
    beanizer_05 said...
    hehe..salamat s pgbasa!..xempre m learning na, m already a kid, nt nymor a baby..malay q ba s pg-ibig na yan..d nmn aq lover eh..
    wytwitch said...
    Sus kunyari pa to! Eh ikaw na yata ang pinaka malanding tao na nakilala ko! hahahahaha :D
    beanizer_05 said...
    ..pslamat ka mbait aq ngaun..
    eh kng aq ang pnkmalanding tao, eh..ano ka???...pnkamalaswa????
    wytwitch said...
    ang bait mo nga noh pra tawagin akong pinakamalaswa? eh bkit ano bang gnwa kong kalaswaan? wahahahahaha ang panget nmn pkinggan....pslamat ka, ______ kta!
    beanizer_05 said...
    eh anu b gnwa m?? am i a lil rude??..pxenxa po..kc nman tnwag m qng pnkmalandi eh, eh d nmn 220.. wat's wd d ___________?
    hala bka msita tau d2...
    Rml said...
    I like it! Not that I'm an expert in poetry or anything... far from it! But it just sounds good, u know.
    And even though u hadn't actually thought of anyone when writing it, it does reflect a little of u.
    beanizer_05 said...
    hehe..actually it's hard to convince people that i can't relate to my own post before..hmmm..maybe..a little of me...
    tnx robbie:)

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