Thursday, July 22, 2010

~growing in space

"SPACE wasn't only for astronauts..
but also for those people who are inside a relationship
whom experiencing such thing called
~~Relationship is not all about caresses and kisses. It is not all about breathing the same air. It is not all about knowing her wants and dislikes. It is not about calling every minute to check if she's okay or alive. It's not eating the same meal together. It's not all about asking..

~~Relationship is all about growing..not just changing but molding into a better and happier YOU because of her..


  1. ravali said...
    how can a kid know about relationship????
    hmmmm....beany got a GF!!!
    how many years old is she 4or5??
    Anonymous said... true....
    maya said...
    bt beanie how do you know if that person is right for you or not?...what if in that relation one person takes it seriously while the other person is not??!!..
    Ning Li said...
    you're so cute beany! i hope that girl, whoever she is, can read what you wrote ;')
    beanizer_05 said...
    hmmmmmm..ahmmm..what are you talking?? *covering eyes*

    @bella: true..or false too??

    i'm not a love expert yet i know how great it is to love and be loved..when to know if its right?--i guess when you're happy with your partner, everything seems right 'coz it's all heaven that you will feel..that's why there's no guarantee in a relationship..if you're serious w/ what you feel and you have given enough, there's no point of's never your loss..

    @ning li:
    hey! thanks for such a TRUE COMMENT--I SO CUTE!! hahahaha!!, she won't find this..actually i've said this in real..hehehe
    sudhi said...
    nice post beany!!!!! cute one!!!
    Lost but never forgotten said...
    beany... u r so right about all this. being with someone is a commitment. it's something that you have to be mentally ready for. ;) good post...
    Didz-W said...
    It's been like ages I haven't visited this site of yours bean...
    hehe ok i don't know how to comment on this one...blurry IDID, the usual!

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