Tuesday, July 6, 2010

quick realization

It's 00:20..
still awake..and i realize one important thing this very moment..
i should wake up..dreams are over now..
i have taken for granted the ones i have..
and have given priority to the ideal people i always wanted--
but i never had and never will have tomorrow..
i was so entertained by the virtual life..
because of the wonderful people, they are so perfect people, i was blindly attracted..
what i missed to realize is that..someone has treated me more than just special in the real world..
that despite the pain and hatred i showed her, she didn't leave..
i guess i should be glad..
i'll try to make up with her..
it's time to let go of the ideal women..they only give unexplainable pain..
it's better to get hurt by the real people who at least tried to accept me..
i hate surprises..'coz they create pain unexpectedly..surprisingly painful.


  1. ravali said...
    good decision,do take over all those worries you had and step into a new world of happiness!!!
    Nandita said...
    Yes Beany...wake up..!
    She truly loves u..!
    Hope u'll make up wid hr soon... :)
    Rml said...
    Virtual life is good - as long as you don't forget the real one. Managing both is important.
    sudhi said...
    yep beany make up wit her!!! there r lot of ppl whom we love bt there r vry few ppl who love us.. so goon...

    btw u wrote in vry small letters i inserted my eyes n my lappy to read this...
    Chrissy Fay said...
    well beany, just make sure you are not just returning the favor she did. it must come from the heart coz if not, itll hurt more trying when you cant just be..
    just my thoughts.
    i'll follow this blog.
    sometimes youll see some contradictions in my blog...
    Didz-W said...
    Yup! I agree with u on this one bean! :)
    ارتقا حیات said...
    Nice Blogاچھا بلاگ ہے جی۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

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