Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm not faithful in updating this site..but every post i make reveals all I am feeling at such point in my life. I was surprised that some people try to question my own thinking, misinterpret my lines and give unsolicited advices.

After reading the comments of my readers on my previous post, a mixed feeling settled inside me. I smile to those who can understand, I wonder which part confused some, and I'm a 'lil disappointed to a few who gave negative conclusions.

Yes, I can't please every one---this bitter fact I needed to swallow, too bitter that even my chocos can't defeat.

Still grateful for my readers,


  1. Sie said...
    We can't control people's emotions.All of us have different perceptions in life.

    WHAT'S IMPORTANT IS..the REASON to whom you have made the message for.


    *hugs hmmmmmmmmm..* mwah mwah *blink blink* :)
    Dai Ning Li said...
    Little man, you are what you write and they are what they think.

    Let them be and smile beside your love. Cheers!
    Lost but never forgotten said...
    i got ur back.... hehe
    beanizer_05 said...
    thanks people! hugs!

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