Wednesday, October 28, 2009



One of the greatest things I am and will forever be grateful to God is having you as the instrument of my existence..i wish I could speak a word on the very moment I had my first breath on this world—so you can hear me saying my “thank you”..I wish I could show a wide smile on my first look in your eyes so you’ll know how proud I am of having you in my life..there are million things I wish could do just to show you how much you mean to me..
I can still remember how you carry me in those strong shoulders, how you put up my own basketball court and made me a wooden see-saw-- your hands are so crafty, you are so cool..those were the sweet times when I ride in your back and you acted like my horsey (hehe)..those nights when you tell me scary bedtime stories that will make me pee in the middle of my you fetched me in school when I was in my lower grade..I wish I could turn back the as a carefree child of yours..
I know I am not your favorite but you spoiled me like I am..I recall the time you hit me with your big leather belt, you were so strong, mama can’t stop you..i thought you don’t love me at all but it was your way of cutting the horns in my head..we all had the whipping anyway and we deserve them—I know.
..but you know what’s the best moments that made me smile and cry?..On my graduation days in highschool and college.. I always expect them..I was all the time teary-eyed, blushing when my friends would poke me saying –“look, your papa is crying” could a strong disciplinarian cry in front of so many people?..the soft side we seldom see (and I got from you) can’t get up on stage ‘coz you can’t stop it and you’ll get the whole crowd crying too (hai) the end of the program I would kiss you and put the prize around your neck..and you cry again (hehe)..
Now, it’s different. I am not totally independent but I learned to live away from home..i have lots to discover but still I wanted you to be a part of every best moments in my life (I know you will)..thanks for all the support and the unconditional love..i am proud of you..
See you sooon!! Happy birthday! I love you pa!..

Still your baby;



  1. Didz-W said...
    Wow, convey a nice bday wish for your pa too :) anyways, if ur pa is superman, and his son is batman..hmm......(point blank thinking) hehe..
    what did u get him for his bday? hope it's not kryptonite! (bad son!) hehehe
    beanizer_05 said...
    haha..wer shud batman get a kryptonite?? hehehe..m stl thinkin bwt it..2 giv or not..hahahah
    ambiguous_angel said...
    well, happy birthday to him..
    Jeremy said...
    wow, its great to be independent.. great read.
    beanizer_05 said...
    tnx bloggers:)

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