Tuesday, October 27, 2009


a mistake.
i opened a useless topic.
despite knowing the same answer, my mind can’t help but ask for a desperate wish to come true..
as expected—a more heartbreaking failure..

i took a short silence thinking what to say..
until a text message was found..
it says “i love you”
i smiled- i was thinking of her
but the smile vanished in less than a second—
‘coz it wasn’t from her after all..

and so i laid in bed..waiting for answers on the ceiling..
queries flying inside a confused consciousness..
should i keep waiting for her—who’s afraid of loving me?
or should i take a chance on the old one—who keeps on waiting for me to love her again?..


  1. ambiguous_angel said...
    i wonder what will you do..
    Didz-W said...
    which girl are you talking about here..? I know definitely now the old ones..hehe
    beanizer_05 said...
    hmmmmm...d old and d new???...hahaha..4get it!

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