Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Finally, the love's month is over..
Now here I go again..

"It's amazing how the falling rain symbolizes fearless love..
It goes down nOt knowing where it would land..

~Who fears love? = I DON'T.
~Who fears falling in love? = I do.. in special cases.

Young people loves falling in love, even matured people loves it. Do we find the signs if the person we meet will make us fall? Obviously, there are no signs. Maybe such why they call it "falling in love" 'coz we are not forced to fall.

I met some thought one time, it says that falling in love is like falling on a dump hole. There are just 2 reasons why it happens..1--by accident or 2--you're simply stupid. I don't know if I believe it. 'Coz there are times I believe in serendipity--the hopeless romantic side of me. Yet most I conclude, Cupid is drunk when he is in the mood of hitting me with his arrows.

There's nothing wrong having fears especially with falling IN love. It is not wrong to save your own heart. It is not wrong to UNrisk a friendship. It further shows you really love the person 'coz you're afraid of losing him/her as a friend and keeping your love for the sake of keeping her/him a lifetime(?). But, is it fair? It may seem selfish to getting him/her a chance to be happy with you? I don't know.

I fell in love once and I do admit..the love is not totally gone, yet, the level of love is not the same anymore. It is easy to fall in love but it is a lot harder to fall out of it. It sounds stupid. When the one I USED to love asked me if I'm falling in love with someone new, I just turned silent. I am confused. If I say yes, the next question is--with whom?, and that, is the hardest part 'coz I don't know who's to fall or if the feeling is real or..it's just an illusion.

Ok, so those who are IN LOVE, please raise your comments and explain it to me.

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  1. Rml said...
    Well, I won't lie to ya: Cupid is def a drunkard! But Life is a drunkard in itself, so...
    And no, there's nothing wrong in UNrisking a friendship, if it's someone u really do care about... but on the other hand, isn't it better than wondering "what if?" later on?...
    And YES, falling IN is way easier than falling OUT of it... unfortunately. It doesn't sound stupid - sounds just right.
    beanizer_05 said...
    oh..i'm speechless..i know Cupid had a bottle session with you the other night..
    maybe, i just don't have the guts to risk everything..'coz i fear "what ifs"..i mght fail..i'm that coward..
    falling in feels just right in the 1st years..but i'm not the ideal lover so better leave the case..
    maya said...
    maybe u dnt meet da ryt prsun???...nd dats y urs failed??..hmmm??
    maya said...
    hi der again....i dont feelsatisfyd wd da cummnt dat i left 4u on "luv" half an hr ago...so i decided 2 wryt anuthr one...
    remmbr bea, our 1st impressions aint always ryt..da1st tym utried 2 walk whn u wr stll a baby wr u prfct at it??no...nd no 1has bn... jstbcoz u faild once in luv it dusnt mean dat u always wll fail....pls dont SHUT OUT LOVE...its a wundrful thng datcn happn 2 any1....hey ds is da 1st tym i hav writtnn succchh a bg cummnt...weird..:)
    beanizer_05 said...
    hey thanks! weird..you were the first who commented on this site saying you're not satisfied w/ your 1st comment..it made me smile..did this post tickle your senses?
    thanks..i was struck when you mentioned about the babysteps..the first fall..likened to love..
    right..love is a wonderful feeling..maybe i just haven't found the right one..

    btw. pls don't call me bea..hehehe..i'm bean..as in mr. bean..where beanizer came from..

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