Thursday, March 11, 2010


Have you ever seen yourself so lucky?--
that you are indeed proud of what you are?--
that you see yourself bringing sunshine in one person's life?--
that you wake up each morning having that wide smile that even reaches the depth of your soul?--

Have you ever felt so special AGAIN in your life?--
that you have found another reason of your existence?--
that you are making a purpose on this planet to some strangers?--
that you believe your past nightmares are finally over?--



Have you experienced being broken AGAIN?--
by another person who you thought is different from the first one?--
that you thought would be willing to accept you after all?--
and you tried to give yourself another damn excuse just to fall?

Have you felt the SAME familiar pain AGAIN?--
finding out she is feeling the same happiness you once tried to give her?--
that you realized the same words she gave you belongs to someone else now?--
and you were JUST one of her PAST who never passed her standards?--



It's the damnest thing I hated most..yet..I'm locked into right now.

LeSSON: DON'T TRUST STRANGERS. (I have to say that..part of blogging)

~~Beanizer about to explode~~


  1. Rml said...
    So: that exploding heart is a disturbing enough pic alright!...

    And plz, PLZ tell us it's got nothing to do w/ KF - cus Didz and I will eat u alive if it has!=P
    beanizer_05 said...
    @ robbie:
    --would this be enough? haha!
    ambiguous_angel said...
    dont trust strangers.
    that's what you've thought me.
    especially if that stranger isn't willing to open up for you though you told him/her everything.
    beanizer_05 said...
    right angel.
    don't trust a stranger esp when you felt he's in the process of falling carelessly on you while ignoring the facts you've given is but obviously stupid of him to deny and forgetting your past.

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