Friday, March 12, 2010

~ listen to the deaf ~

For a month i left this deaf site. It remained silent during the month of love and wished to keep the quietness 'til the end..but didn't happen..i still miss my dear deaf heart. I turned into the old pages of it and found--most pieces were broken and sad..for a long span it dedicated the lines to some special people..i wish to have an amnesia..i want to think that they are all mere fictions and just plain work inspirations..but still thanks to those people who made the deaf heart hear for quite some time..

Now, this site is moving on.

It has no assurance of giving better new posts and will not speak according to real experiences of the writer. It will only tell fictions and baseless views. It will only hear others' thoughts without asking. It leaves the option for the reader either to follow every word or just leave it unread.

~way back in highschool,we play this song (in a school concert)..
i choose the instrumentals for you to try following the tune through your heart..
to those who can still hear, take time:


  1. maya said...
    ouchhh...i thnk u sound lonely cuz u r lonly,bean...hw abt tryng 2 falll in luv agn??hm??
    beanizer_05 said... not really lonely maya..yeah, sure i'll fall in love sooon but as much as i really wanted--my next luv should be the last one..and the one i'll marry:)
    bella said...
    @maya: maya tho i havent fallen in love with any1 till now...still i can say one thing- that we cant decide and fall in love with someone!! it just happens!

    @beani: we kinda think alike beani! dont be sad tho....
    i havent read all your posts...but ill will do read when i get free....take care..
    ravali said...
    hey bean,be happy if u couldn't find love know may be later you will find an everlasting love!!!
    Love is such a tricky thing which leaves only sadness in life!!!
    hope you get your true love!!!
    maya said...
    ohk..i agreed wd u on inform me whn u fynd da luv of ur hart....untl den keep searchnnn 4 her....
    Rml said...
    Awwwww, how cute! Beani boy, I'm sorry, but we're just so far away... I don't see it happening any time soon... but I'm sure u'll find someone else! =P

    And I agree w/ maya: u do sound lonely, u know. Just saying!
    beanizer_05 said...
    tnx ladies:)
    hmmm..i suggest you NOT to read them, hehehehe...

    u'r right. Luv is so tricky..
    And yeah, sure..i'll find my true love soon and will have sum1 who'll never leave me..

    i won't search anymore..i can wait or maybe if i've grown impatient, i would abduct her..ahahaha!

    hahaha! i know! You love jerks--so i'm not qualified!'s fine, i'm not hurrying serious things:)

    im not lonely..why should i?? i have you all here..what more should i ask for eh? :)
    bella said...
    i will...

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