Monday, September 7, 2009


Memories remain in the minds of people that have given greater than what they should only give…for people who had experienced betrayal, unfaithfulness and undesirable matter how fast the clock ticks, it can’t take away the moments stocked in one’s memory. The heart beats louder than every tick of that clock..and every beat speaks the unwanted thoughts..the unspoken words, the unexpressed emotion that only a lonely self can understand. Still, you can’t hold the time..there are no test-trials..every second one can bring back the same air we breathe we allow one’s self to be drowned with the helpless past//090809

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  1. ilikeseven said...
    True. In other words, once you're in pain, it feels like forever for the heart to mend. All that we could do is try so hard to be strong.

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