Friday, September 25, 2009

happiness in a corner

empty memory provokes a carefree move
opens the chamber of wisdom, every soul has to prove
no one is unwelcomed, believe and take a chance
if your pen knows the rhythm, then show me how it’ll dance

I brought myself in this world of strangers and the unknown
Words helped me melting hearts like an ice cream in a cone
Hurtful memories reveal a pathetic life of a fool
Some finds them interesting, though pains aren’t pretty cool

Different souls behind mysterious names share the same universe
An artist, a journalist, a voyager, a student-nurse
An angel, a dreamer, a bookwriter and a kid
A Christian, a Muslim, where faith has no room to bid

New friends have found in this world of undefined happiness and tears
Life has shown its meaning thru wide-thinkers, even the deaf can hear
The most have chosen complex syllables likely to impress
Only a few can unveil the sentiments simply just to express

Crazy as it seem, sayin’ happy despite of odds
Fake, as they describe it, a silent part of the director’s cut
It’s easy to attract when sweet foundation has been built
Still some forces repel when unwanted character has been unsealed

So if silence occupies the heart and grief makes you sigh
Remember that the moon will never ever leave her sky
If you know whom to trust, do take your chances to fall
Fall with eyes wide open and your heart can answer and see it all

(d ff –xclusive for 2 real angels --)

Angel, the ambiguous, yet not that complicated
Finding the wrong princes should never be hated
Braver spirit, sensible wits will make you certain---
Of meeting the deserving prince who’ll mend those broken wing(s) again

Didz, still beautiful behind d blue heart that often dares
Sensuous smile, oh, catching everyone who stares
Making each day lighter, optimism’s contagious to all
Single yet taken, charm draws every creature to fall..


  1. ambiguous_angel said...
    how i love this post..
    thank y00oou...

    i missed reading your blogs..
    its always beautifully written,
    touching ones heart..
    and even the deaf can hear-love that..

    your writings are one of the reason why always look forward to sign in here:)

    hm. you always manage to make me smile,
    keep it going..

    be happy..
    for yourself and for your friends like me:)

    take care:)
    its super duper raining..
    i was sad but reading this post makes me super duper happy:)
    Didz-W said...
    Awww beanizer...:) that was really nice of you and truly wonderful to read. Hmm..why I haven't met you before??? lol! On the other hand, I try so hard not to be the centre/focus of attraction any where I go :) seriously! It must be my smile..hehe. Thanks beanizer, you really are a great and speacial friend to me :D
    beanizer_05 said...
    glad d 2 angels lyk it..

    Angel, hw r u??..bumaha rin b s inyo??i found ovr d news, big part of rizal was flooded..sana d kayo inabot..dnt wori Ondoy s now out of take care..and stil hinihintay q text mo (hahahha)..

    Didz, wel, you really r a magnet!! hehehe..thanks 4 d coment..hope 2 talk 2 u soon.kung d kna busy..(i mis chattin, haha)

    honestly, i wasnt supose 2 nclude d lines 4 u..heheh..wala lng..juz mis readin ur coments..thanks ladies :)
    ambiguous_angel said...
    heyyah! hm. tenext na poh kita noh, aba at di ako kilala, tampo na tuloy ako..just kidding.

    di nmn kami binaha pero madami ngang binaha dito..wawa nmn cla..


    ingat ka ha..
    beanizer_05 said...
    ..gud 2 knw u'r safe..nag-alala kya kmi ni didz d ka ngppramdam..nsa bacolod aq kya safe n safe, ikw kya hinanap ni Ondoy hnd aq! my Low Pressure png nkasunod sna d pumunta smin at sa inyo..ingat lng..u stl got broken wing,dnt 4get :)
    tex ka jan! wl kya aqng ntanggap..txt m n kya aq..iba yata tnext m eh..hmp!
    Didz-W said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Didz-W said...
    Guys...a lil translation please...I haven't graduated my tagalog! waaaaa! :( sob..sob...
    beanizer_05 said...
    hehe..didz,angel's safe.i said we(u & i) we'r worried-she didnt keep n touch 4 sum days.,,and d texting thing..angel DIDN'T TEXT ME!!it's fine, she texted sum1 else maybe and pretended it ws me she texted (heheheheh)...ryt angel??
    ..stl IM WAITIN 4 HER LOST TEXT..inanod ng baha cguro..(went wd d flood mayb)..tama translation ko angel??..not gud wd Tagalog..d ako tga-Manila..hehehhe
    ambiguous_angel said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    beanizer_05 said...
    hehehe..ok..pahingi muna load..
    'yan nilagay mo no. m rito..hmmmm..mraming mgahahabol mkpagtx sau..hahah..(at ngreklamo p q)..
    ingat ka d ka mg-ingat---eh d kawawa ka..hehe
    ..didz cn undrstand tagalog, she knows a lot dan us..
    take care and pray pra d ka mkita ni peping
    ambiguous_angel said...
    hey! i deleted my comment..
    lah lang, baka nga kung cnu-cnung magtext saken eh..
    im glad nagtext kna:)

    take care..

    and didz, sorry for the tagalog comments,
    its kinda hard to speak in english..haha..

    take care also..

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