Friday, September 4, 2009

a perfect lover

Everything seems perfect, I am free again
I’ve got a lot times to spent with some good ol’ friends
I can do all things without hesitation, no need for second thoughts
I can make rhymes without the influence of the inspiration I once lost

Thousand stupid chances, every one thinks I’m a fool
I don’t believe in love, it’s just a game of endless rules
Lucky for the safe players, they ended still whole
Too bad for the riskers, sacrifices turned their hearts cold

How could a strong affection leads a fatal distraction?
How could a gentle warm touch become a deadly poison?
Those were the eyes—they promised me not to let go
Still look beautiful behind the painful regrets they tried not to show

Never would I know such efforts weren’t enough
Hard to bring back the self, the character so tough
Why didn’t I realize, I am not her ideal lover to fall
But a complete perfect loser of a love story she won’ want to recall :(


  1. ilikeseven said...
    It isn't YOU that's not ideal for her, but it's HER. You are the most romantic person I ever met online! So melted with your words!
    Hehe. Wish my other half is just so poetic like you, but it's ok. I should just be thankful. Hehe
    ambiguous_angel said...
    i definitely agree on what she have written above.. That is so sweet yet so sad.. You alm0st made me cry. Hmm. I cant wait for you next post..

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