Thursday, November 19, 2009

--between the lines--


SPECIAL- someone you’ll never forget for the rest of your life..

IMPORTANT- someone you need for the rest of your life..

So tell me,,


--this message was sent to me a long time ago..and it made me confused at that point ‘coz I don’t know which answer is better than the other..playing safe, I said-BOTH...

Now it made me think again, there are many people who had and who will have special spaces in our hearts..but does it always follow that they all play an important roles in our lives?
There are so many passers-by we meet in different roads—

some will share their sweet smiles..
some will shed tears with you..
some we will forever remember..
and some will remain just strangers..

SPECIAL--We CAN’T hold on to them all through out our lives, often we have to move on..not because they have hurt us, not because we have dried our eyes crying for them, not because we value them less..BUT because..we MUST love ourselves more, and they made us learn how to live without them. They are part of beautiful chapters in our lives. They made our lives wonderful because they taught us the value of RESPECT and TRUST. –these are the values we missed to understand ‘coz we are blinded by their selfishness and betrayal. If we open our minds wider, we will then be aware that their way of hurting us- is but the same way of getting us back the values we lost for our own selves. For such reason why we call them SPECIAL—is due to the fact that they created an impact in our lives, SPECIAL ‘coz sometimes they made our lives extra-ordinary. No one can replace each SPECIAL person we have, not even the new found love. No one has the same level of their love, no one has the same weight of the pains they’ve caused us..and that made them SPECIAL.

IMPORTANT- We MUST hold them as long as we live. They are the ones we fail to value FIRST but in the END COMPLETES our whole being. They are the ones we SAVE THE BEST OF US. They are our soulmates (if we believe in such). They are the perfect pieces we’ve been missing for a long time. They are the ones who accept us ‘til we’re in our death beds. They made us know our priorities and we put them on top of it. Important people are like the organs inside your body. A part of your system. They can’t change your past, but they can move your future. They can’t make you forget your memories, but they will make the best moments of your present reality.

--behind these thoughts, YOU must be grateful for all of them..either they’re SPECIAL or IMPORTANT..’
Why? –‘coz they came into your life for the SAME reason—



  1. wytwitch said...
    awww..another winning piece my friend! are u a teacher? coz i always learn from ur words..cheessy..hehe

    tnx for sharing..:))
    beanizer_05 said...
    haha..tnx 4 visiting..
    a tcher?--i dnt evn learn n my own words..
    wytwitch said...
    yes, so true!

    hehehe...sometimes i do too, like when i share advices to my friends..cant even solve my own problems..haha but its ok, God wil help u learn from it ;))
    beanizer_05 said...
    yup, u'r ryt's easy 2 say..hard 2 do..hehe
    tnx 4 d coments :)
    MysteriousMe said...
    I love it:) ur a genius!!! Never stop writing:) u have to promise me!!!
    beanizer_05 said...
    haha..dt made me smyl..but dey say promises r made 2 b i wont promise..juz trust long as u care readin my posts, il kip dem coming:) tnx deejy!
    MysteriousMe said...
    See i dont believe that. If you make a promise, you can fulfil it anytime or day. it doesnt mean that, once you make a promise you have to, find away to fulfil it. You just have to go where life takes you, and one day, those promises you made, will be fulfiled. But then again, thts just my thoughts. Great piece:):):)
    beanizer_05 said...
    tnx deej!..yes, we hv 2 go wd d flow of life and find true happiness:)

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