Friday, November 20, 2009

embracing the past

I was listening to some music when I remember some part of my past.

I used to cut work just to have a date with my past love..

There were hundreds of reasons we argue about..

Our views always collide..

Our likes never meet..

Her favorites were never in my list..

The only thing that connects us in some way is—MUSIC.

She loves singing though she’s out of tune (she rarely admits)..

There was a time before when..she got mad at’s all because of one song. The thing was, I can’t get the right tune of that song, so she ended singing alone. I can see how disappointed she was..she said it’s OUR song and I didn’t even appreciate it. I laughed seeing her in that state. So she sat on a bench ignoring my presence. I didn’t say a thing or apologize. Instead, I held her hand and led her to that same videoke room again. I chose that one and only song in the machine more than 3 times. I was really out of tune..but then, she finally smiled..and laughed seeing my eagerness singing that song. We sang the same song again and again ‘til I find my tune. She laid her head on my shoulder after we had our last. I knew I made her happy.

If ever you wonder what song it is..listen to this..

--but we were never careful on each other's hearts..


  1. wytwitch said...
    good job in making her happy, its a moment for her to always remember bout u! such a nice song, i remember singing this with my tita btw..haha she's also a frustrated singer like me :) hehehe

    this is really nice, esp its meaning :))
    beanizer_05 said...
    tnx..m glad dt i cn sing ds song w/o hurting nymor..proof of muving on :)
    wytwitch said...
    dats d spirit..:)) move on lang ng move on, til it hurts no more..
    beanizer_05 said...
    ..haha..nmamanhid n nga ng kmumuv.on eh..heheh
    wytwitch said...
    ahah! kalurkey..hehehe ayaw mo nun, di kna nasasaktan..kumbaga, sanayan lang yan..heheh
    Anonymous said...
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    beanizer_05 said...
    tnx 4 dropin :) really appreciated,

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