Saturday, November 14, 2009

my missing piece

There are times I find myself lonely because you’re not there..
Though I wanted to find you, things are playing inside this consciousness that made me accept your silence..
If only I am braver enough to tell you how much your presence makes a difference but I can’t..
I don’t know how to make you happier and feel special in other way possible..
I hate some days when you are out of touch and take me for granted..
In those times when all I am wishing for is someone who will listen and understand this stranger but no one is there..
I wish I could comfort you in your not-so-good days..
Your quietness makes me doubt my own faith..i don’t think you needed me still..
I become stubborn when my eyes find others’ names instead of yours on my cel..
I hate this part when I’m missing you a lot and you seem so insensitive not to feel it..
I am becoming so cautious with my words at the moment ‘coz I don’t want to ruin some things again..
I am being too careful that I fear this heart would soon turn numb and cold of waiting..
I want this feeling to last, yet, I don’t know where to stand and put myself..
Some changes are happening right now and I don’t know how to face it..
As time passes me by, I am becoming a helpless coward..


I think I should end this post before I pick the wrong words..

But please. don’t forget..

I miss you MORE than you do..

my day is incomplete without you because..


  1. ambiguous_angel said...
    that's sad.
    and sweet.

    ~your sweet dream

    she still here.
    just quiet.
    but still care.
    beanizer_05 said...
    hope she really cares..
    Didz-W said...
    seriously bean...i would give you a standing ovation on this post. :) touching and..seriously bean, can you read minds? hehe cuz that's exactly what i used to feel before over someone from the past..hmm...
    beanizer_05 said...
    ..dnt knw..m juz relying on bean's i dnt think i cn read minds, coz sum ppol say i olwez assume things n a perfct oposite way..hw bwt u didz?--cn u read my mind???hahahha
    Didz-W said...
    i dont have telepathic or psychic powers to do so bean. i'll die trying to have those! hehe.
    beanizer_05 said...
    ..haha..but sumtyms u do hav..u'r juz nt aware..(blurred agen n ds statement?) haha

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