Saturday, November 7, 2009

what we don't know

If you happen to hate me, feel free to let go—
If you happen to love me, don’t take it so slow—
If you happen to hurt me, I won’t plead you to stop—
If you happen to accept me, then it is my only luck—

If I happen to ask you, how long will you stay—
If I happen to hear you, forever I will pray—
If I happen to go there and sit by your side—
If I happen to see you, please don’t ever hide—

If we happen to long for each other, let me find you again—
If we happen to fail love, I’ll ask more cupid’s arrows to hit us within—
If we happen to be together, I won’t let go of your hand—
If we happen to find someone else, then I will understand--

signed: desperate


  1. Didz-W said...
    Nice! Can I borrow this? Hehe are you really that desperate?
    beanizer_05 said...
    ..haha..nt dt despr8..juz hopeless romantic..hmm..borrow agen??..ok, downpayment 1st--hmmmmm?
    ambiguous_angel said...
    know why i cant comment in your blogs?

    hmm.i just dont know what to say.
    i dont even know what to feel.
    and im not really sure whom you written it for..

    but if i am right.
    if you written it for the girl who-according to you-really knows how to break a heart.

    well, i think she should think not just twice but a million times..
    if she's going to let you go,
    or keep you forever.
    beanizer_05 said...
    oh my..

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