Thursday, November 5, 2009

you should know by now

YOU were my life before you broke my heart—
SHE gives the dumb heart a new life to start—
YOU were my world, my sweet beginning yet my tragic end—
SHE’s not my everything, a complete stranger but truly a heaven sent—

I made YOU my captain, this insane soul was lost—
SHE finds my heart broken, her existence is a special cause—
I entered your damn world too risky, YOU repaid them all with lies—
She makes me swallow my pride just to avoid her saying goodbye—

YOU wanted me to come back, I never wanted you at all—
For this deep silence was slowly taken by someone who’s afraid to fall—
I didn’t have her “yes” ‘coz SHE’s playing safe, uncompromised—
Though I needed her to stay so I’ll have a lifetime reason to smile—

As much as I wish to show YOU the inner space I leave for HER—
I prefer not to, simply because I can’t take the fear SHE bears—
So if that time comes and all my untaken chances are gone—
I still wish HER the best man who could make those things I undoubtedly can’t—

signed: coward


  1. ambiguous_angel said...
    you never wanted her?
    well, my blog 'guarding my heart' is the best comment i can put here..

    sometimes, its not just about playing safe.
    if you really want something, then, be the first to compromise...
    if she playing safe, aren't ou doing that too in your own way?

    after a heart break, no one can escape from fear..
    if she found the best man,
    will you be okay with that?
    why dont you do everything to be that man..

    or you're scared too??

    -ok, im getting serious here..

    nice blogs anyway..
    so beautiful.
    beanizer_05 said...
    i hope u'r nt misled by dt "YOU" hu i nver wnted..
    ..ds post is intnded 4 d old the 'YOU' is NOT d NEW..
    ..f she (new) found her best man..der's nothin i cn do, coz f she thinks he's d best 4 HER, logically-m nt better dan him..
    wel, yes..mayb m scared's not??
    Lost but never forgotten said...
    i really like dis, i can relate to it... nice one
    beanizer_05 said...
    tnx :)

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