Monday, November 16, 2009

the difference

The best thing of following posts of the best bloggers in this site is getting your own self more realizations on things you missed to understand. Just this morning, I found some latest posts which made me pause, remember the past and question my own thinking.

I wish to post a quotation I remember..but fail to recall the exact words on such line. Anyway, it pointed out the difference between LETTING GO and GIVING UP..most of us misused these lines often..

LETTING GO applies to those you wanted NOT to stay ANYMORE..but you must consider a fact that this someone/something HAS BEEN TRULY YOURS for some time..

On the other hand,

GIVING UP is taking away the chance or possibility of HAVING SOMEONE you WISH to have/own..that someone/something has been JUST a part of your unfulfilled wish..but was NEVER YOURS at any time.

However, these two different lines settle to ONE objective:



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